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Move Your Body!

“Take time to just move. Your body longs to feel alive…”

Our bodies are incredibly talented move-craving machines, which require daily movement to help keep us on our toes, enabling us to live our best lives! Moving empowers us to feel a sense of balance and leads to greater happiness in many aspects of our lives. Moving your body consistently is so important for your physical strength, mental health and overall wellbeing. It is the secret to providing your body and mind with the nourishment it seeks!

Ready to start feeling the benefits of moving your body? Dr. Gena Chiropractic is an expert family chiropractor based in Plantation, Florida, located just minutes west of Fort Lauderdale,  with excellent tips on improving the way your mind and body feel through movement. Her bustling chiropractic office and incredible team of experienced chiropractors are not only dedicated to the health of your spine, but your overall wellness, too! They ensure you are moving your body in ways that will benefit your health and wellbeing in all areas of your life!

Many people are under the impression that they must go to the gym in order to move their body, exercise properly and experience top quality results. However, there are various ways people can ensure they are moving their body daily to experience the benefits of optimal health. We can move our bodies daily by incorporating little changes in our daily lifestyle, which might just end up being more convenient than scheduling time to go to the gym.

For example, Dr. Gena says, Ditch the elevator for the stairs, park farther away, enjoy the walk and some extra natural vitamin D, and lose the angst fighting for the closest spot.” Moving your body outside of the gym and with your family is a great way to practice good healthy living habits. Dr. Gena also explains, “Walk around the block with your spouse and kids after dinner. This is a great way to bond (minus any phone distractions) as a family and also helps teach your kids a healthy example of how to be.”

Moving your body daily will help keep you thinking and feeling healthy. When you activate your muscles, get out of your usual comfort zone and make healthier choices, you will start to feel a sense of stress relief, a positive boost in your overall mood, and your body and mind will feel more relaxed.

When in doubt, if you're able to do so, hire the right personal trainer. This can help keep you accountable and also work on proper form to avoid injuries. Additionally, most of us will push ourselves harder when we are working in the presence of a trainer. They can provide you with the encouragement you need and motivate you to set goals, and carry over healthy living skills in other areas of your life.

And to live your life fully aligned and feeling great, remember your regular chiropractic visits! Having an expert chiropractor on your side is the perfect way to help your body heal and adapt, naturally. Ready to feel the benefits of moving your body, and relieve tension almost immediately? At Dr. Gena Chiropractic in Plantation, your health is in your hands, but our hands are here to help.

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