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Constipation and Chiropractic Care

How often do you poop? Poop happens. And unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't. Did you know that chiropractic care could help? Constipation is known for being a taboo topic, however it is important to talk about, as it has become an issue affecting approximately 63 million Americans annually! Chiropractic care can help to relieve constipation in people of all ages.


Interested in learning more about the benefits of chiropractic care? Dr. Gena Chiropractic is a family chiropractor based in Plantation Florida, with experience in pediatric care for constipation and much more! Her bustling chiropractic office and team of knowledgeable chiropractors are dedicated to the health of people of all ages.

When there are interferences (subluxations) to the upper cervical and lumbo-pelvic areas, this can affect digestion, leading to being "backed up." And this can become extremely uncomfortable. Babies, children and adults can suffer from this. Often, this is an issue coming from subluxations in the lower spine (lumbar and/or sacral areas). These areas have nerves that innervate the colon/large intestine, which are the organs responsible for pooping. When subluxations are corrected through chiropractic adjustments, patients start going to the bathroom more regularly.

In case you were wondering, if you're eating daily, then you should be excreting and eliminating daily. Many people think it's normal to go to the bathroom every 3-4 days or even once a week. They think it's normal because it's been their "normal" pattern for potentially years, but people can poop better! Constipation relief has become one of the top positive changes that people see upon starting chiropractic care. When you go to the bathroom more regularly (ideally daily), you’re likely less full of waste and toxins, leading to a better functioning and a better feeling you!

Maria’s story is a great example of how people often present to the office of Dr. Gena Chiropractic. She was bent over, asking for help, desperate for relief from her lower back pain.

Dr. Gena explains, “After two weeks of chiropractic care (adjustments) she returned to the office saying, Doc, I'm going to the bathroom a lot (number 2). I told her that's great! However, she was concerned that she was going too much.” Dr. Gena then asked her, “How often are you going now?” And the patient said that she is now going EVERYDAY! I told her, you're SUPPOSED to go to the bathroom everyday. How often WERE you going?!” She answered, "I was going once a week. And now, my stomach is flat, my back's not hurting and I've lost weight. I didn't know chiropractic was for weight loss!” Dr. Gena goes on to explain, “We now ask at every initial patient consult about how often they poop!”


Chiropractic adjustments correct subluxations so that the brain and body can better communicate. This means that the body can better adapt and function, and patients are left feeling happier, healthier and more comfortable. 

Having a chiropractor on your side is the perfect way to help heal your body naturally and feel the benefits of relieving any tension caused by constipation, keeping you more regular. At Dr. Gena Chiropractic in Plantation, your health is in your hands, but our hands are here to help.


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