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The Best 8-Hours of Your Life

What’s 8-hours long and leaves us yearning for more? Sleep!

Ask anyone in your life what they’re not getting enough of, and they’re bound to say the same thing: Sleep. We’re busy, tired, overworked and multi-tasked beyond our wildest dreams, and a staggering 43% of Americans report being too tired to be productive at work.

Earlier in the month, all Americans set their clocks back an hour – leaving us with the celebrated “extra hour” of sleep while taking from us a few extra hours of precious sunlight. That early darkness coupled with cooler temperatures makes it feel as if we haven’t given an extra hour of anything at all, as the winter months are known for making people want to cozy up in bed.

Because really, is there anything better?

At Dr. Gena Chiropractic, a leading family chiropractic care center in Plantation, Florida, we are all about sleep. Whether the clocks are set backwards, forwards, and whether the sun is setting earlier or later we know that sleep is crucial to our well-being.

And the same goes for you.

Being tired and unable to function is one thing, but did you know there are much more serious risks to lack of sleep than just missing a deadline or handing in work with a typo? According to WebMd, lack of sleep can have deadly consequences. The cost of sleep deprivation is critical for 70 million Americans suffering from disruptive sleep disorders, and is even affecting children.

We’re seeing even our youngest patients suffer the effects of being overtired, and it’s pretty scary when you know what kind of long-term effects lack of sleep can have on the body,” Dr. Gena says. “Our passion for keeping people well extends far beyond our chiropractic care facility, and we went our patients feeling their best in all aspects of their lives – and it all starts in the bedroom.”

Some of the scarier side effects of sleeplessness include:

  • Car crashes: Dozy drivers were responsible for over 100,000 car accidents in the last year alone.
  • Greater risk of disease and health problems
  • Higher risk of depression
  • Increased risk of heart disease

How can you focus on making sleep a priority again and get the rest your body and brain both need to function optimally? Here are Dr. Gena Chiropractic’s top 3 tips for getting better sleep.

1. Exercise Regularly

But not too close to bed time! Working out with 3-4 hours of bedtime can actually cause your internal body temperature to rise and delay sleep. Give your body a good cardio workout earlier in the day to help put you to bed more soundly later on in the evening.

2. Avoid long naps

If you’re a routine napper, we’re sorry to tell you that any nap lasting for longer than 30 minutes will absolutely affect your sleep routine.

3. Use your bed only for sleep

It may be more comfortable to scroll your handheld devices or do work from your bed, but this helps create a disconnect between your brain and what the bed’s intended purpose is. By making your bed a zone for sleep only, your body becomes conditioned to knowing that bed equals sleep time.

And of course, regular adjustments have been known to improve sleep quality as well. “New patients especially report sleeping more soundly following their first few adjustments, and this makes us so happy!” Dr. Gena says.

At Dr. Gena Chiropractic, your health is in your hands, and our hands are here to help – just 15 minutes west of Fort Lauderdale!

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