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How Your Already Healthy Child Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care

With all of the parenting styles out there in the world today, one thing remains a fact for all parents: you want to keep your kids safe, protected, and out of harm’s way.

This is precisely why Dr. Gena Chiropractic, a leading family chiropractor in Plantation, believes in taking a proactive approach to your child’s health – and just about everything else. Having to react when it’s too late almost always results in parent guilt, so why not help prevent your child from illness or injury before it’s too late?

You take your child for wellness check-ups at the pediatrician, and not just after they get sick. You take your child for twice-yearly dental cleanings, rather than just trying to schedule an emergency visit once a toothache erupts.  The bottom line is, proactive care feels really, really good.

Listen, we know raising kids is a feat like no other, but we’re here to help and take some of the pressure off your shoulders – pun intended. If you follow us on social media, you’ll know there is nothing we love more than our chiro kids, and not just for the joy and smiles they bring into our office.

According the ICPA, “Chiropractic care for children offers your family a solid foundation for wellness. Throughout pregnancy, birth, and childhood, the chiropractic lifestyle offers choices and benefits for your greater health and well-being.

Here are our top reasons why we love being your go-to kid and family choice in Plantation for wellness chiropractic care:

Post-Birth Care

The birthing process, while beautiful and miraculous, can cause lots of stress to your new baby’s body. If you think about the journey that your newborn has to take from the womb to their world, it’s not hard to understand why their bodies can be compromised after their first cries. Upper cervical subluxations can be caused during the birthing process which can result in a host of issues throughout the newborn phase from colic, to digestive issues and difficulty settling down.

Immune Boosting Effects

This is where we go back to discussing being proactive. Chiropractic care for kids has been shown to boost immune function. According to Dr. Gena, “Well-adjusted kids (with corrected subluxations) are allowing their nervous systems to function better and with more ease.  Their bodies can better adapt to stresses of life, whether chemical, physical, and/or emotional when under regular chiropractic care.”

Getting Bodies Back in Working Order

Kids play. That’s their specialty. But all of the play they engage in, whether on the playground, on the soccer field, or just rough-housing at home can certainly throw things out of whack, when it comes to their growing bodies. Physical stresses in kids can occur from falls, accidents, and even the most minor of injuries. Ensuring their little spines are kept in alignment is critical for kids to ensure all their play doesn’t result in lasting negative effects on their bodies.

For more information on how chiropractic care can keep your kiddos safe and functioning optimally, visit our family chiropractic care facility located just minutes west of Fort Lauderdale.

Your child’s health is in your hands but ours are certainly here to help!

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