What Can a Chiropractor Do For My Leg Pain?

Dealing with chronic leg pain can be, well, a pain. Pain in general, regardless of where it is on
your body, has a large impact on your quality of life. It can affect your sleep, which in turn
affects your energy levels. It can affect your mood and ability to get things done, which could
decrease your productivity level and have an impact on how well you do your job. The list goes
on and on. Pain should not rule your life — you should, and you can!

With the help of a chiropractor, you can finally find relief for your leg pain. Many times, leg pain
stems from issues in the lumbar spine and pelvis. At Dr. Gena Chiropractic, a family chiropractor
practice in Plantation, our team is able to assess the structural alignment of these areas
through X-ray and examination, and proceed with your individualized chiropractic treatment as
we see fit.

Leg Pain From Subluxation

Sometimes if a person is experiencing a subluxation, nerve system interference, it can result in
radiating pain or other symptoms stemming from the spine. When subluxation happens to the
spine, the spinal nerves may become compressed which is what can cause the pain you are
feeling, or an interruption in nerve function in the body.

This misalignment of the vertebrae could be the culprit for that pesky leg pain you are
experiencing. Subluxations can be caused by general wear and tear from everyday activities,
overuse (most commonly seen in athletes who are in training), or from a direct injury such as
one you’d get in a car or sports accident.

Leg Pain From Sciatica

If your leg pain is not the result of subluxation or other spine/pelvis problems, the sciatic nerve
may be the one to blame. This major nerve runs from the lower end of the spinal cord all the
way down through the hips, buttocks, and legs. The pain felt in this area, due to the nerve being
pinched somewhere along the way, is known as sciatica. According to the Cleveland Clinic,
sciatica is very common, with about 40% of people in the U.S. experiencing it at some point in
their life.

Sciatica is often felt strongly in the legs, and usually one side is worse than the other. It can feel
like a sharp or shooting pain for some, while others experience more of a burning or stabbing
feeling. It can be short-lived, come and go, or last for long periods at a time. This is why we also
assess the surrounding soft tissues in the spine and extremities to help you get relief and keep

Chiropractic Care For Leg Pain

To remedy your leg pain, a chiropractor will perform an adjustment to the joints in the spine to
ensure it is aligned and that there is proper nerve flow. Without taking that first step to correct
the underlying cause of pain — the foundation — it’s harder for the work performed on the lower

extremities to hold. Once the spine is clear, it’s okay to continue down the kinetic chain and
work on areas such as the hips, knees, and ankles.

It might only take one or two visits to correct your spinal alignment and relieve any resulting leg
pain, but it often takes follow up visits and adjustments to correct the underlying issue or cause
of the problem in the first place. Everyone is different and requires their own personalized
treatment plan
. That is just what the team at Dr. Gena Chiropractic does for each and every one
of their patients who come visit their family chiropractic center, located just a few minutes west
of Fort Lauderdale.

Post-Chiropractic Care Plan

Fast forward a couple months down the road… You’ve received multiple adjustments and are
finally starting to feel relief from the leg pain that burdened you. Now what? You might be
thinking: Do I need to continue treatment? What if the pain returns? At Dr. Gena Chiropractic, we
will teach you how to perform exercises in the comfort of your own home that can help
strengthen the body and stop the leg pain from persisting or coming back to haunt you, along
with continued recommended care at a decreased frequency to support the progress you’ve
made. Corrective exercises will improve the effectiveness of the chiropractic care you’ve
experienced and keep you feeling good.

Even after the pain has subsided, it’s a good idea to check in with Dr. Gena and her team every
once in a while to maintain balance in the body.

If persistent leg pain has been affecting your quality of life, it’s time to make a change. For
more information on how chiropractic care can relieve your leg pain, contact Dr. Gena
your favorite chiropractor in Plantation. Give us a call at 954-417-5815 to schedule
an appointment, or you can request one online. Let us help you live your life, pain-free.

Remember; your health is in your hands, our hands are here to help!


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