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Dr. Gena Bofshever


Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

"As the Owner of H.I.T. Fitness Warehouse, LLC, a Sports Performance and Fitness Training Facility, I can honestly say that from day 1 Dr Gena Chiropractic had me hooked! Her knowledge in the field is exceptional and I would get excited to go to her office just to pick her brain. The adjustments were like icing on the cake.I work with athletes and weekend warriors all day long. In addition, I train to compete in Xtreme Sports as well. So I am well aware of the constant beat down the body takes when preparing for competition. From my personal experience, about 3 weeks into it I began noticing and feeling results in my performance. I was actually able to rotate my head a minimal of 180 degrees, my hips began to loosen up and my recovery accelerated. I went from placing 10th in my first Cross Fit Competition to placing 1st in one of Florida’s biggest Cross Fit Competitions in a matter of 3 months. Since then, I have taken the podium (top 3) in every event I have competed in. Thanks to Dr. Gena. More importantly, having to be on my feet 12-14 hours per day with my clientele, I no longer have discomfort in my knees due to the misalignment I used to have in my spine. Dr. Gena has fixed that! I would not have been able to train as hard as I do and work as hard as I do had it not been for her. Thank you for changing my life Doc!"

Kevin K

"Dr. Gena Bofshever is simply amazing. I have had chronic neck pain and always gone to get massages trying to relieve the pain, but it comes right back. I went to see Dr. Gena and she immediately relieved my neck pain. The work she did was better than any massage I have received. Dr. Gena is great at educating me regarding my spine and how beneficial chiropractic work is. I highly recommend her. I have gone to another chiropractor previously, and they did not provide anywhere near the personal attention I received from Dr. Gena."

"3 years...that's how long I have been living with a monthly migraine headache. Until this month!! What a gift I have been given by Gena Bofshever my new chiropractor! I've never met anyone in the medical field as passionate about their work as Dr. Gena. She made me feel welcomed and at ease even when I still wasn't sure about this whole adjustment thing. Now, I'm hooked and cannot believe that for the first time in 3 YEARS I am migraine free...all because I gave her a chance to balance my body and now I've take control of my health. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr Gena.Today, I am grateful for you!"

Michelle M

Gena is an energetic family practitioner who has been able to help me, my husband, and our two girls have better health. She has a passion for her work and helps educate as well as treat the whole person rather than just the pain or presenting problem. I highly recommend Dr. Gena

-Lisa S

"Dr Gena does an amazing job adjusting and helping keep your body in tip-top shape. She is very energetic and fun to be around, which makes your time in her office even better! She does an awesome job with children and athletes. Whether you are a business professional, athlete, had an injury, youth or adult Dr. Gena can help you promote better over all health!"

Nicole L.

I just wanted to thank you for your expertise and knowledge sharing. As you know, I brought Liam in because of Colic. I tried everything under the sun, but nothing was helping, so I heard of chiropractic care for Colic and thought why not? I searched for certified chiropractors in infant care and that is where I found you! You really made the process easy to understand and explained everything step-by-step from the very beginning. That is extremely important to me because I was fairly new to chiropractic care. Liam has only had about three treatments and I already see a dramatic improvement in his Colic. I also didn’t think that Liam having a soiled diaper every second to third day was a big deal but you explained how important it is they at least go daily. Since his very first treatment he has gone at least once per day! I really look forward to his appointments because I see how happy he is after treatment. I was so impressed by your professionalism, Dr. Gena, that I made myself an appointment and am already seeing a huge improvement in my backaches and headaches! I recommend Dr. Gena for mommies, babies, and every other family member. It’s the best way to do chiropractic!"

-Francesca (and little Liam) J

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