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  • Chiropractic Care and AD/HD
    As a leading family chiropractor in Plantation and the greater Fort Lauderdale area, Dr. Gena Chiropractic works with children of all ages for a wide variety of reasons.Our ultimate goal Read more
  • Manage your Stress the Healthy Way with Dr. Gena Chiropractic
    Your nervous system is affected by the way your entire body feels, thinks, and acts. So when your body is under stress - the stress of every day life coupled Read more
  • Reducing Inflammation in Five Easy Steps
    Inflammation is sneaky, and treating inflammation in your body can be hard work - especially since you cannot always immediately see or feel its harmful effects.Dr. Gena Chiropractic provides chiropractic Read more
  • Fat is Fuel!
    It seems like every few years, a new diet fad is upon us and everyone’s focus on what healthy eating looks like shifts to something new. In our lifetimes alone, Read more
  • Torticollis and Chiropractic Care
    Welcoming a new baby into the world is unlike anything else you’ll experience in your lifetime. And for Dr. Gena Chiropractic, a leading pediatric chiropractor in Plantation and Greater Fort Read more
  • Who Do You Need on YOUR Birth Team?
    We may be on the heels of Super Bowl Sunday, but here at Dr. Gena Chiropractic, we’re celebrating a totally different kind of team – a birth team!Like so many Read more
  • Whiplash and Chiropractic Care
    Whiplash and chiropractic go hand-in-hand, as whiplash happens when you least expect it, impacting your body – big time.Whiplash occurs when a person’s head moves backward and then forward very Read more
  • Stress and Chiropractic Care: Because Adulting is Hard
    About six months ago, we reported on the harsh effects of stress on your body, and how chiropractic care is essential for managing stress.Here’s the thing though: stressors are still Read more
  • Watch Your Head, or We Can Do It for You!
    There are certain things in life that we automatically associate with being a perfect pair.Peanut butter and jelly. Bert and Ernie. Chiropractic care and great health.But at Dr. Gena Chiropractic, Read more
  • Set Your Clocks to... SLEEP!
    Feeling extra sleepy this week? Of course you are, we just lost an hour of the most precious and restorative thing our bodies need most…SLEEP!Ironically, I am writing this on Read more
  • Bottoms Up - Hydration and Your Health
    At Dr. Gena Chiropractic, a leader in chiropractic care in Plantation – there are a few health musts that we preach day in and day out.We want you to live Read more
  • Are You Sure You're Healthy? Here's How You Can Tell...
    Ever go to the dentist for a routine checkup, feeling great and pain-free, only to find out you’ve got a cavity growing rapidly in your mouth?Surprise!Your health sneaks up on Read more

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